Chime Retail Advisory

In the retail individual space, there is virtually no institution in India which focuses only on house keeping and back office pertaining to investments across asset classes, liabilities, insurance viz.,

  •  Equity Shares

  •  Mutual Funds

  •  Bonds, Debentures, Fixed Deposits

  •  Land and other physical assets

  •  Insurance: Life as well as General Insurance

  •  Bank and other Loans

  • Assistance in writing up and registration of will

  •  Assistance in filing of income tax and wealth tax returns

  •  And all related services

Chime will not be providing wealth advisory services and therefore, there is no conflict of interest whatsoever and the clients can continue to utilize the services of their existing wealth management and private banking advisors.

It would be focusing on regular, proper, updated record keeping through a combination of information technology (IT)  as well as physical document based approach, depending upon the needs of the customers. 

Chime would be giving special emphasis to senior and retired people, who it is believed needs special attention in today’s fast changing world where joint family system is fast disappearing.